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Table Talks

IBA is an apologetic research, information and counseling center educating the public about the dangers of cults and the occult.

IBA has semi-regular Table Talk meetings (see Schedule for times and locations).  In these meetings Christians coming together to discuss issues facing the Church or cult- related topics.  

The following essays have provided background information at previous meetings:

  1. Evangelicals and Annihilationism
  2. Charismatics and the "Toronto Blessing"
  3. Process Theology and Finite Godism
  4. Hermeneutics: How Do We Interpret the Bible?
  5. KJV or King James Version Only Debate
  6. Mormonism: the Dead Sea Scrolls & the Nag Hammadi Writings
  7. New Age Medicine and the Holistic Health Movement 
  8. Christology & the Cults
  9. New Age/Reincarnational Distortion of Church History
  10. The Nature of (the) Resurrection
  11. UFO Cults, Extraterrestials and the Bible
  12. Bible Difficulties and Divine Inspiration
  13. Are Spiritual Gifts for Today?
  14. Gwen Shamblin's Weigh-Down Workshops & the Doctrine of the Trinity
  15. HARRY POTTER BOOKS: Witchcraft 101?
  16. The Masonic Lodge and Christianity
  17. Postribulationalism:Will Believers Undergo the Wrath of God?
  18. Observations and Notes Regarding the Doctrines of Listening Prayer and Inner Healing
  19. Scientific Proof and the Accuracy of Biblical Prophecy
Additional essays can be requested by visiting the Resource Guide section of this website.
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