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Supporting IBA

There are numerous ways to support ministry of IBA.  

The ministry is always in need of prayerful support that Reverend Schlesinger will seeks God's will for this ministry, that IBA will have the opportunity to give a good account of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that there will be enough hands to do the work of this vital ministry, that the Schlesinger family will continue to be in good health, and that the ministry will be supported financially by our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, and finally for boldness to witness and open doors for ministry.

The ministry is always in need of volunteers.  Some volunteer opportunities are monthly while others are a per project basis.  For more information please contact IBA.
Finally, IBA can be supported financially:

  • Point's for Profits

  • Point's for Profit is a fundraiser with Albertsons Receipts, thru KFIA Radio (AM 710). Simply shop at any Albertsons and then send your Albertsons receipts to IBA.  The address for IBA is listed at the contacts page.
  • Lifeline Communications

  • It's very simple. Everyday at home or work, you use long distance, the Internet, credit cards, or prepaid phone cards. You can switch your services to LifeLine and start a life-style donation by sharing a portion of your monthly billing with the Christian organization of your choice.  Simply fill out and send in the Lifeline Communications form.
  • Pizza Fellowship

  • Everyone likes pizza.  Occasionally IBA has a pizza fund raiser at local pizza parlors.  Please see our schedule for the next one.  We love to visit with you and answer any questions you may have!
  • Tax deductible gifts

  • IBA is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.  We accept monthly, yearly, and one time financial and material contributions to the ministry.  Simply fill out and send in the Pledge form.  IBA also has made it easy to make monthly gifts directly from you checking account of $5 or more using ONE STEP. You can also donate vehicles, stocks or bonds, real estate, etc. to IBA. Finally, you now have the ability to donate immediately through the Donate Now option.
  • Church or Foundation Support

  • Church or Foundation support is a great way to get others involved in the ministry of IBA.  Contact IBA for help in setting up this type of giving.
Thanks so much for your prayers, volunteering and financial support! May the Lord richly bless you for sharing in this important work!

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