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IBA's Tentative Schedule for 2003 (April thru December)
  • SearchLight Radio Program

  • 10:05-10:35 a.m. on KNCO Radio (AM830), 1st & 3rd Sunday's of each month--temporarially unable to continue until radio program is sponsored.  Please consider sponsoring a program(s).
  • Board Meetings: 

  • 6:30 p.m. on Friday, April 19th Thursday, July 17th ; Friday, Nov. 14th.
  • TableTalk Meetings: 

  • Friday's, 7:00-9:00 p.m.
    1. Februrary 28th

    2. A Biblical View of War: Pacificism? "Just War?" or Crusade?
    3. April 25th

    4. Open Theism: Is God Limited in His Power and Knowledge?
    5. June 27th

    6. Territorial Spirits and the Biblical View of Spiritual Warfare
    7. August 22nd

    8. Intelligence and the Animal Kingdom: Do Animals and Humans Reason the Same?
    9. November 7th. 

    10. Is America in Biblical Prophecy?
    Please RSVP for location of meeting! 
  • Community Outreach Night Series (a public meeting designed to help Christians witness to unbelievers and an opportunity for unbelievers to attend and dialogue with us). 

  • Friday's, 7:00-8:35 p.m.: May 21st & April 4th and Sept. 19th & 26th and Oct. 3rd. Please call for location of meeting! 
  • IBA Group Evangelistic Outreach (an opportunity for believers to share the Gospel with the lost).

  • Friday, May 16th & October 24th.
  • IBA Pizza Fellowship/Fundraiser: 

  • August 26th, Tuesday. Please call for location & times! We love to visit with you and answer any questions you may have! 
  • Apologia Newsletter

  • published quarterly; January-April, May-August, September-December.
Additional IBA Activities/Goals, volunteer opportunities:
  • Publications:
    • "Western Nevada County's Guide to Churches, Religious Groups, & Their Beliefs" 

    • We will need help with distributing this guide! Contact us for further information! 
    • Local Channel 11 TV Station FCAT We will be pursuing having a program on this channel to reach as many people as possible! Contact us for further information! 
    • IBA Fund Raiser:

    • Point's for Profit, fundraiser with Albertson's Receipts, thru KFIA Radio. Please send your receipts to IBA!
    • IBA Fund Raiser-LifeLine Communications (Christian telecommunication company):

    • Switch to LifeLine and designate IBA as your designated charity. IBA will then get 10%! An easy way to help support the ministry of IBA! 
    • Evangelistic Outreaches:

    • Evangelistic Outreaches will be scheduled following Community Outreach Meetings (see dates above) and at other times throughout the year. You are welcome to join Dan in the evangelism that he does each week! The Lord willing we will have an evangelistic booth at the Nevada County Fair in August! We could definitely use volunteers for this endeavor! 
    Besides the above schedule, IBA continues to participate in counseling, research, speaking, writing books-articles, etc., development of tapes & literature, etc. We always have need for volunteer help! Please call or write if you would like to participate! If you would like to partner with us (prayers, volunteering, or financial support) in this important work please contact us! Thanks so much!
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