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IBA is an apologetic research and information center educating the public about cults and new age practices and is an evangelical, missionary-based ministry.  For further details about us see Ministry Information

Did you know

    that Christian Scientists believe evil is unreal?
    that the Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Jesus is a created god?
    that Mormons believe that men may become gods and rule on their own planet?
    that the Baha'i Faith teaches that Jesus is one of nine manifestations of God?
Find out more about these pseudo-Christian cults and others by visiting the "Did You Know" section of IBA online.

Does it really Matter?

    What is Truth?
      Is Truth Relative or Absolute?

    What is Religion?
      A Belief in God, Government or Self?

    Are ALL Religions True?
      Are some True and others False?

    What makes Your Religion True?
      Is it Man-Made based on Tradition, a Myth about a Person or WHO GOD SAYS HE IS in the Bible?
According to the Bible it Does Matter.

Will Your Belief Lead You to Eternal Life?

NOT SURE!!  Contact IBA for help.

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